Home Insurance

Homeowners Insurance policies contain a package of coverage as in the example below...

  • Coverage A: Dwelling - The physical Building
  • Coverage B: Seperate Structures
  • Coverage C: Personal Property
  • Coverage D: Loss of use
  • Coverage E: Personal Property
  • Coverage F: Medical Payments

There are multiple forms to write a Homeowners Policy.  These forms indicate if the cause of loss "Peril" is covered or no.  Pay attention to the list below, the brief description.

  • HO1 – Basic Form:  Only covers losses caused by specifically stated perils in the policy.
  • HO2 – Broad Form:  Adds covered perils to the Basic Form, but still must be specifically stated in the policy to be covered
  • HO3 – Special Form:  Covers all perils unless specifically excluded in the exclusion statement of your policy.
  • HO4 – Renters Policy:  covers personal property and personal liability up to the limits of the policy.  HO4 is a broad form and must name the peril for it to be covered.
  • HO5 – Enhanced Special Form:  Generally, increases the coverage amounts of specified losses.
  • HO6 – Condo Policy:  Provides coverage for the interior of the condo, personal property, and personal liability.
  • HO8 – Older Home Policy (Modified Form):  Allows for coverage or large discrepancies between replacement cost and market value.  Must be owner occupied.

Limited coverage:  The list of items below typically have a specified limit of coverage or a homeowners policy.  These limits can often be increased for additional premium.

  • Cash
  • Jewelry
  • Silverware

Special Coverage:  You can purchase coverage for specialty items such as:

  • Fine arts
  • Stamp collectables
  • Coin collection
  • Photograph equipment
  • Musical instruments

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